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RTE receive 23 official complaints on 'sexual nature' of Pam interview


Actress Pamela Anderson

Actress Pamela Anderson

RTE’s Ray D’Arcy

RTE’s Ray D’Arcy


Actress Pamela Anderson

RTE received 23 official complaints from viewers who were unhappy with the "sexual nature" of an interview conducted by Ray D'Arcy with TV star Pamela Anderson.

The State broadcaster confirmed that these were received via the RTE Complaints Department following the interview on the Ray D'Arcy TV Show late last year.

Anderson appeared on the Ray D'Arcy show last November and the show was hit with many complaints from viewers who said they were "disgusted" with parts of D'Arcy's interview with the 49-year-old actress.

At the time, RTE confirmed that they had received numerous phone calls and emails complaining about the interview.

The Herald has learned - via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request - that 23 complaints were then submitted to the broadcaster.

"All of those complaints concerned the alleged 'sexual nature' and 'offensive/unprofessional' nature of the comments made to Pamela Anderson on November 14, 2015," the FOI response said.

"In response, RTE reassured complainants that their comments were noted and regretted that the complainants found this content to be disrespectful and/or inappropriate," it added.

RTE refused to release copies of the complaints as they said they "relate to the internal review and analysis of RTE's programming on foot of complaints received".


Last November's interview was Ms Anderson's first time on Irish TV and was conducted shortly after she revealed that she had been cured of Hepatitis C.

At one point during the 18-minute-long interview, D'Arcy showed a photo of the Canadian receiving a knighthood from the Prince of Montenegro and said: "There you are, on your knees in front of the Prince of Montenegro."

He also asked her about her two sons, Brandon and Dylan with ex-husband, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, and then added: "Do they, as teenage boys, know the effect that you've had on other teenage boys?"

D'Arcy, who made the move from Today FM in 2015, also came under fire online from viewers who were disappointing with his line of questioning of defence lawyer Dean Strang who appeared in Netflix's Making A Murderer.

However, RTE received no complaints regarding this interview.