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RTE presenters in favour of women freezing eggs

RTE presenters Kathryn Thomas and Maia Dunphy have come out in favour of women choosing to freeze their eggs.

It was reported this week that Facebook and Apple would be offering their female employees the opportunity to freeze their eggs, a procedure that can cost up to €15,000, in order to let them climb up the career ladder.

The decision has polarised opinions, but one woman who is supporting the move is The Voice of Ireland presenter Kathryn (35).

"I think it's just fantastic that Facebook and Apple would give a woman the chance to have this back-up and freeze her eggs, offering to pay up to €15,000 towards the cost of the process," she said.


"It would be amazing if Irish employers like RTE did this.

"Some might criticise a woman delaying having kids, but what if you're in the workforce and just haven't met the right partner yet? Why not take this precautionary measure?"

Kathryn previously said she would love to have a family but is career-minded as her star continues to rise at the state broadcaster.

"I would love in time if I was blessed with children, but it is very much the same as my career - I am one of those people who just lives and enjoys each day as it comes," she told VIP Magazine earlier this year.

TV star Maia (inset) also spoke in favour of the tech giants' policy, and hopes it will become the norm for women to delay having children.

"Apple and Facebook to offer egg freezing to their female employees. There are no guarantees in life, but I think this is a brilliant thing," the 38-year-old wrote online.

"But I think that egg-freezing will soon become just as normal as opening a bank account, for work or personal reasons.

"Every issue around motherhood is an individual and, inevitably, personal one."