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RTE offer 'iconic' ad slots for Christmas

RTE wants to give viewers "that warm seasonal glow inside" on Christmas Day – during ad breaks.

The national broadcaster has published a notice inviting advertisers – for the princely sum of €10,000 – the chance to take advantage of its "iconic ad break offer".

The attraction is easy to see – Christmas Day is the highest TV viewing day of the year, with more than 3.7 million people tuning in at some point.

It amounts to 92pc of the available audience.

"Most of this viewing occurs via RTE with a reach of 73pc," the broadcaster said.

"Top programmes like Mrs Brown's Boys attract audiences in excess of one million," the notice stated.


It will be the second year that the station has run its Christmas Day "iconic ad break" experiment.

The initiative offers advertisers who have made "high-impact ads with enduring and iconic themes" the chance to be featured in two commercial breaks on RTE One.

Last year was the first time the channel ran ads on Christmas Day.

"Two ad breaks will air on Christmas Day, each bookended with specially created RTE break bumpers. We're looking for high-impact ads with enduring and iconic themes," the broadcaster said.

Ads featured will be at the discretion of RTE and will be chosen based on suitability of content and appropriate fit.

The station said the price of an ad will be €10,000 for a 30 second spot.