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RTE must pay for mistakes, says TV3 boss

TV3 BOSS Ben Frow has blasted RTE's top stars for "feeling sorry for themselves", adding that the station must now "pay the price" for its mistakes.

The outspoken executive says he would have resigned if he had overseen the type of scandals that have hit the national broadcaster in recent months.

And Frow has claimed that some of RTE's recent decisions had had "disastrous effects" on people's lives.

In an interview with the Herald today, Frow admitted that he would "resign" if he oversaw the type of scandals that have gripped RTE.

"Would I resign if TV3 programming 'f***ed up'? Yes, I would resign because I think it's the honourable thing to do," he revealed. And he hit out at stars such as Miriam O'Callaghan who he claimed were "feeling sorry for themselves".

"They're all feeling sorry for themselves in RTE but I think some of the results of their actions have had devastating effects on people's lives," he told the Herald.

"Nobody seems to be saying, 'we're very sorry for the grief, or the upset, or the angst or the misery or the suffering that we've caused to other people'.

"We're all saying, 'well we feel really sorry for ourselves and we're going through a hard time'."

The director of programming at Ballymount said he would never "take delight in RTE's difficulties because it could happen to anybody".

However, he said Montrose staff should now "keep their heads down" as they must take responsibility for the mistakes that have been made -- such as 'tweetgate' and the Fr Kevin Reynolds libel case.

Frow added: "I think lessons do have to be learned. I think there are big issues there."

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