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RTÉ coffers are empty, but station is still hiring


RTÉ pleads poverty

RTÉ pleads poverty

RTÉ pleads poverty

As RTÉ teeters on the financial verge, it continues to hire new staff - and give salary increases to existing employees.

It's a lesson in economics that would baffle your average businessperson.

Most of us have given up trying to make sense of RTÉ's financial decisions.

Consider the latest figures revealed last week.

Despite all its claims about the need to reduce the workforce, the number of employees increased last year, from 1,822 to 1,831.

The average salary of employees also went up, and including pension contributions is now over €75,000.

Even more shocking is the amount of money RTÉ pays senior staff. No fewer than 122 earn more than €100,000 a year, with 24 of these earning between €150,000 and €250,000.


That figure doesn't include most of the presenters on more than €200,000, nearly all of whom are independent contractors.

So, as RTÉ continues to complain about not having any money to make its own shows, it continues to pay €150,000 a year to dozens of directors, assistant directors and deputy directors, whose job seems to involve not making any TV shows.

Like its mirrored twin, the Titanic, the good ship RTÉ continues to steam inexorably towards an iceberg, faintly aware of the danger but not really giving a jot.

The band plays on. The silver service continues uninterrupted, with caviar, grouse and champagne for all.

After all, impending doom or no impending doom, you can't expect people to make too much of a sacrifice.