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Roz's treats are healthy ... unless you eat 18, reveals Bressie


Roz Purcell

Roz Purcell




Roz Purcell

Voice of Ireland coach Bressie has revealed that while he loves his girlfriend Roz Purcell's healthy treats, she makes him eat a lot of them.

Roz (24) runs a health food blog called Natural Born Feeder.

"The only problem with her baking is she needs someone to eat and she gets really offended [if I don't]," he told Xpose.


"I'm like 'listen Roz, I've had 14 of them, I think they're nice', and she'll look at you - 'Do you not like it?'

"Even though it's healthy, it isn't when you have had 18 of them."

Bressie (34) also revealed that he's "surprised" he hasn't been sacked from The Voice.

"Dolores was there, Jamelia and Brian Kennedy so we like to think that we held the ship together - but Kian might tell you otherwise," he said.