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'Roz and I are not the new Richard and Judy' - Bressie

Voice of Ireland coach Bressie has revealed that he would never team up with his girlfriend, Roz Purcell for a TV show.

The Voice of Ireland coach said that he wouldn't fancy a couple-led programme.

"Not if every cent from every major TV company, not for a second would I consider it," he told the Herald. "That's when you are asking for trouble."

Bressie (33) is forging a career for himself in television and admits that he would love to work on more documentaries after filming Teenage Kicks for RTE.

When asked if he would consider a Richard and Judy-style show with his better half, he said "Maybe if we were still together when we're 60."

The show followed Bressie as he travels to Limerick to create a band.

"I love documentaries, it's great to be both fronting it and being part of the writing process," he said.

"I like the off-the-cuff stuff, especially if you're passionate about it.

"I'd love to do documentaries on anything from sport to mental health."

"I think it's important if you are making documentaries that you give a sh*t about what you're trying to make," he added.

Although Bressie might be snubbing her, Roz - not content with being a top model - is hoping to forge a career as a presenter.

"I have pitched ideas to broadcasters, but I'm not really a person that would hunt and track people down to say, 'look at me' - I'm a little awkward and shy," she revealed.

"I was really into it all a year ago but there are no opportunities in that area at all here - that does kind of kill you a bit. You put so much work into things and then there's just no chance to do stuff because stations are not really looking for new faces and I understand that," she added.

However, the Tipperary native's presenting course is definitely paying off with recent appearances on a number of TV shows.

Roz (24) runs her own food blog, Natural Born Feeder, and has also been making appearances on TV3's Xpose to show off her recipes. The couple have been together for more than two years but only recently went public with their romance.