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Royals warn paparazzi over George

Britain's Prince William has warned two photographers against trailing his baby son George during walks in London parks with his nanny, saying their behaviour amounted to "harassment".

Lawyers acting for William, second-in-line to the throne, and his pregnant wife Kate, have written to the freelance photographers asking them to stop following George.

The warning came after an incident in a London park last week when one individual was spotted near George and his nanny.

"They are obviously concerned," a spokesman for the royal couple said. He said the men had "over a period of time established a pattern of behaviour that we think amounts to harassment of Prince George and of his nanny".

"It's more the fundamental weirdness of two men following a 14-month-old baby around that we're concerned about," he added.


The issue of harassment by the paparazzi is particularly sensitive for William whose mother, Princess Diana, was killed in Paris in 1997 when her limousine crashed trying to flee a posse of photographers.

George was born to a global media frenzy in July last year, but has spent most of his time since then out of the spotlight.

"They want Prince George to lead as ordinary a life as possible as a child, and he can't do that if people are going to parks where children play and taking pictures of him," the spokesman said.

Some pictures of George have appeared in European publications, but not in Britain.

The royals complained about harassment of Kate before the couple married in 2011. A year after their wedding, European magazines printed topless pictures of Kate taken while she was on holiday in France.