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pat kenny

RTE won the first round of the ratings war against former stalwart Pat Kenny, with Claire Byrne Live getting twice the number of viewers than the broadcaster's new UTV show.

Current affairs presenter Byrne came up trumps against her former co-presenter, as it was revealed the average viewing figures for her Monday night show were 368,000, more than twice the number for Kenny's In the Round, which came in at 150,000.

Featuring a debate on this month's marriage referendum, Byrne's ratings were the highest ever for the show.


It also generated massive interest on social media, including 15,000 tweets from viewers.

The programme was broadcast on RTE 1 at an earlier time of 9.35pm, clashing with the debut episode of the former Late Late Show host's new chat show.

Featuring a one-on-one interview with Tyrone football manager Mickey Harte, In The Round delivered a 33pc increase in viewing numbers for the 9pm slot on UTV, but fell short compared with the national broadcaster.

Kenny, who left RTE in 2013 after working for the station for 41 years, has said that despite the ratings war there are no hard feelings between him and his old bosses at Montrose

"If I was to come back with something like The Frontline and was up against Claire, who is a buddy of mine, it would've been odd," he told the Herald.

"But they're two different kinds of programmes. People can watch either or both."