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Rotunda clinic to resume freezing eggs for cancer patients


The Rotunda Hospital

The Rotunda Hospital

The Rotunda Hospital

The Rotunda IVF clinic has told cancer patients they will be able to avail of its egg and sperm freezing programme again.

The clinic is re-opening on a limited basis to resume its fertility preservation services for oncology patients, and said it was working hard to get its full service back up and running.

Under government guidance, restrictions on fertility treatment came into effect last month in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Herald previously highlighted how hundreds of families had been left in limbo after IVF clinics were shut down because of the virus.

Cancer patients are warned that treatments such as chemotherapy can cause infertility for some patients, and as a result some women consider freezing their eggs.

"Following engagement with the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP), we have taken the decision to recommence onco-fertility treatment in our Rotunda clinic," group medical director Dr John Kennedy said yesterday.


The timeline for oncology patients seeking to undergo fertility preservation is in most cases time-sensitive, as treatment for chronic illnesses can impact an individual's ability to conceive.

"Over the coming days, our team will contact the relevant patients to schedule their treatment," Dr Kennedy added.

He said that over the past week, staff had been preparing the Rotunda IVF clinic to re-open on a limited basis to provide "this essential service".

"While other services are still restricted at present, we are constantly reviewing the situation," he added.

"We want to reassure all of our patients that we are working hard to get our full service back up and running during these uncertain times.

"We would like to thank them for their understanding in a difficult time."

The Rotunda IVF clinic is a member of Virtus Health, which includes Sims IVF.

Dr Kennedy said both clinics were providing initial and return consultations remotely by phone and video conferencing, and the nursing and patient co-ordination teams were giving online and phone support services.