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Rosanna Davison's cookbook will be so different to mine - Rachel Allen


Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen

Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison


Rachel Allen

CELEBRITY chef Rachel Allen has said she thinks Rosanna Davison's cookbook will offer something totally different to her own.

"I think she's coming from somewhere completely different from me," she told the Herald.

"Rosanna seems to be very much using her nutritional background.

"I'm always interested in watching what's coming out, though."

The TV chef will soon release yet another cookbook that is tentatively named Coast.

For it, she has sourced foodie ideas from coastal locations around Ireland and linked up with various local producers.

The busy cook will hit the road to film an accompanying TV series next month, though she said she is not on the road as much as people might think.

"I work a lot from home, writing, or I'm in the cookery school, but I'm not on the road constantly. It's hard work, but I love what I do," she said.

"Teaching cooking is my passion."

Although she is synonymous with celeb chefs in Ireland, she does not feel as though she is constantly in the limelight.

"The life I lead, because of where I live, is not hugely in the public eye. I am to a certain degree but not hugely," she said.

She will team up with 2fm's Ryan Tubridy to host a fundraising lunch for aid agency Goal in the Dean Hotel tomorrow. The Design Centre will host a fashion show afterwards.

Allen (43) travelled to India with Goal last summer.

"It was really brilliant to see all the work they do," she said.

This year proceeds will go to Goal's work in Nepal.