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Rory goes from acting in Damo and Ivor to playing Prince William

THIS actor has gone from acting in Dublin skit Damo and Ivor to playing handsome Prince William in a West End show.

Rory Fleck Byrne has been cast in a 'future history' play which imagines Prince Charles as he takes up the thrown.

Rory will play Prince William in the play Charles III, which opens at the Wyndams Theatre, Leicester Square, London on Monday.

The production is a move away from his last gig, where he starred in Damo and Ivor on RTE2.

"It was so good to do some comedy as I mainly do serious drama," he told the Herald. "I was in Disco Pigs before and there was comedy in that but it was quite emotional as well so it was fun to do some comedy - I do have a good sense of humour.

"Everyone on Damo and Ivor was so much fun, I only had a small part but they were all so lovely."

Rory (24) also recently wrapped filming his own short film called Bodies in his home town of Kilkenny.


"We drove all of the crew, which was about 24 of us, over from England to film in Kilkenny for two weeks," he said.

"It was so wonderful to be home, the local support was incredible.

"The local pub provided us with food and the school allowed us to use their building when we weren't filming, they were so kind.

"I think everyone was very excited to see us filming in the town, it's a nice way of putting Kilkenny on the map," he added.

The film is a dark comedy about two undertakers and Rory is hoping to take the short film to film festivals.

And while he's had success on stage and screen, Rory is also a talented musician.

"I'm going to pursue music professionally as it feels like the right time to do it," he revealed.

"I've recorded a couple of songs and I'm going to do a music video soon and then invest sometime into doing an EP.

"My main goal is to find musicians to play with me. I'd prefer to be just a vocalist and not be shielded by an instrument," he added.