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Ronan and his soulmate are brewing up a Storm


Ronan and Storm

Ronan and Storm

Ronan and Storm

Ronan Keating is so unimpressed with the quality of coffee in Dublin that he and his girlfriend Storm Uechtritz have revealed their plans to open a coffee shop.

The pair have teamed up with Grind Coffee at their London headquarters to develop their own signature flavour.

They even appear in an advert for the company in which they explain the collaboration and their wish to bring good coffee to the world.

"Every single time we get a cup of grind coffee, it's consistently good - it's creamy, it's delicious, it's not burnt, it's all your expectations in a cup and they're always met," Storm says in the video.

Adding to his current hipster image, Ronan says: "It's a community, a great group of people just hanging out, who want to drink great coffee.

"We got to know Dave who owns Grind, and it was a friendship just talking about coffee, and as he understood us, we understood him more and more and realised maybe we could do something together."

The couple have been together for two years after meeting on the set of X Factor Australia where Storm was a producer.


They hooked up a few months after Ronan's split from his wife Yvonne in 2012 and have recently revealed they hope to marry.

"We've both found our soulmate and we know we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. He's amazing, I love him," said Storm.