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Rocky love life led to suicide bid by M&S model

FRIENDS of Marks & Spencer model Noemie Lenoir who reportedly tried to take her own life last week have revealed that she has struggled with her own personal turmoil for some time.

The French stunner (30) had been involved with playboy millionaire Carl Hirschmann -- who has become embroiled in a Swiss sex scandal, and her rocky love life is believed to be behind the apparent suicide bid.

Doctors said yesterday that the French supermodel came "within a few moments" of death.

"It wasn't a basic cry for help. Noemie was in a terrible state when she arrived in the emergency ward and doctors had to work extremely hard to save her life.

"She had swallowed a horrific mix of alcohol and pills. She is otherwise young and healthy, which helped a lot, but the outcome could have been fatal."

After splitting from former Chelsea footballer Claude Makelele last year, with whom she has a five-year-old son, cracks began appearing in the beauty's demeanour.


Friends became concerned for her wellbeing after a series of incidents -- one where the model was allegedly so drunk at the British Fashion Awards in December that a Marks & Spencer executive had to put her in a taxi to get home.

In recent months, she drifted away from Hirschmann, who is currently on €350,000 bail for alleged involvement in a sex and extortion scandal reportedly involving orgies with underage models.

The claims have devastated the millionaire model, whose estimated earnings from Marks & Spencer alone are €12m.

One friend said: "Noemie is very family oriented and views Claude as the father of her son, as the man to turn to when everything else is going wrong.

"She's been on the phone to him constantly talking about Hirschmann telling Claude about her heartache.

"She's been passionately in love with Hirschmann but knows her relationship with him is destructive.

"It's going nowhere and has cause her nothing but angst. Now that Noemie has reached 30 she feels that she wants more stability in her life -- and she wants Claude to prove it.

"Sadly, he is not the settling down type. He really doesn't want to be part of a family unit at this stage."

She is said to have called emergency services early on Sunday when she complained of feeling ill, but later made another call to cancel the ambulance.

A dog walker found her slumped on the ground unconscious near her ex's home, where she had been staying at the time.


Makelele still has not spoken publicly about the tragedy, and even attended an awards ceremony on Sunday where he avoided all mentions of his former girlfriend.

Noemie is one of the most recognised models in the industry after fronting campaigns for Gap, Next, L'Oreal and US underwear giant Victoria's Secret.