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Robbie's club to offer cut-price access to city's elite

NIGHTCLUB boss Robbie Fox is offering membership to his new VIP club at a recession-busting €300 a pop.

The Herald can reveal how the businessman has started his mission to put his new nightclub firmly on the social map by offering former Renards members the opportunity to hang out with Dublin's elite.

At the height of the boom, exclusive members' club Residence charged an annual fee of €1,600, before running into financial problems at the start of this year.

Robbie, who's running the club with hotelier Louis Murray, said he's determined to offer his members a more competitive rate for his Dawson Street club The Pink.

Officially opening on November 18, all the big names are expected to attend the launch bash next week, but the nightclub owner is insisting that having a membership fee is not an outdated concept.

"It's not about being elitist; the reason I wanted to make it a members' club is so I could cater it towards a particular set of people who have always supported me over the years and bring them to the new venue," he explained.

"I do think our rates are very competitive and there's a lot of anticipation."