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Robbery taught me lesson, says TV chef Dylan

Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath is tightening up security at his restaurants after being robbed last month.

He says he has learned from the lessons of the past after his Rustic Stone restaurant, on George's Street, was robbed.

An armed gang threatened staff and made off with the takings.

"We went 'Okay, let's not have cash on the premises anymore. Let's make sure we're not put in a position again where someone can do that'," said Dylan.

The TV restaurateur was celebrating today after being granted a full pub licence for his new €1.4m restaurant in Fade Street, Dublin -- despite objections.

Complaints to the Circuit Civil Court granting the seven-day licence, which permits the sale of pints and shorts as well as wine, had been led by nightclub entrepreneur John Reynolds, owner of the neighbouring Market Bar.

Dylan, who co-hosts MasterChef Ireland with Nick Munier, said he has invested €1.4m into his new venue and it's "vital for me that this works".

And he stresses that security will be paramount at his premises.

"This is my livelihood. Ireland is changing and adapting. Property is dead. What isn't dead are pubs and restaurants.

"People are still going out and licensing is changing because of the demand for customers that are dining out," he continued.

Recalling September's hold-up, he recalled: "It's terrible but we didn't let it affect us.

"We were open for lunch the next day, we were open for dinner. We still executed our covers.


"Then we stood back and looked at the staff and sent them all home, we let them have a couple of days to recover."

"We made sure everybody was cool and okay and yes, it was a bit of a weird Monday but we didn't let it affect the business one bit.

"So then what we do is implement the systems to not let that happen again."