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Robber's mask slipped in raid

a carer who robbed a post office armed with a hammer and made off in his mother's stolen car has walked free with a suspended sentence.

Aidan Martin (45) was identified on CCTV footage after his mask slipped during an armed raid at the Spar shop and post office on Glasnevin Avenue in Dublin.

Martin, of Tolka Valley View in Finglas, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to producing a hammer in the course of the robbery, three days before Christmas in 2011.

He also pleaded guilty to robbery, attempted robbery and unlawful taking of a car on the same occasion.

Judge Patricia Ryan sentenced Martin to three years in prison but suspended it in full on condition that he keep the peace for that period.

Three shot near high school

At least three people were shot in the US outside a Portland, Oregon high school, police said, and officers were searching for suspects who were believed to have left the area.

All three victims of the shooting outside Rosemary Anderson High School in north Portland were "conscious and breathing" as they were rushed to a local hospital, the Portland Police Bureau said in a tweet.

Bar shut over Buddha image

A New Zealand bar manager in Myanmar has been arrested for allegedly insulting Buddhism after posting an online advertisement showing a psychedelic image of Buddha wearing headphones, police said.

The offense carries a penalty of up to two years in prison.

Police arrested Philip Blackwood on Wednesday along with two Myanmar nationals, including the bar's owner, Tun Thurein, and an employee. Authorities then shut the V Gastro Bar, a tapas bar and lounge.

Man on rabbit killing charge

A Los Angeles man accused of killing, skinning and eating his ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit and saying he would do the same to her has been charged with cruelty to an animal and making threats

Dimitri Diatchenko (46), killed the rabbit after she said that they should no longer be roommates.