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Road delays as remaining snow is cleared

Commuters on the M9 in Kildare will today face delays as gardai and council staff work to clear any remaining snow.

Motorists were asked to drive with extra care as the operation gets under way from 8am.

Work will begin on the hard shoulders from junction two to junction four and continue on the remaining lanes during the day.

Elsewhere AA Roadwatch warned that while road and air temperatures were above freezing in most areas, making ice thaw slowly, many routes were slippery.

It said it would still take some time for solid compacted ice and snow to clear from the worst affected areas in the north east and inland Leinster.

A spokeswoman said secondary routes, local roads and higher ground as well as many footpaths remained very icy and slippery.

"Continue to take care on all routes as there is a lot of surface water to contend with, this is extremely slippery over ice," she added.

Mat Eireann said temperatures would range from 5C to 7C during the day with patchy outbreaks of rain and drizzle.

While it would fall close to zero in the south overnight, where frost will develop, lowest temperatures over the northern half of the country will be about 3C or 4C.

Saturday will be dry, with highest temperatures of 5C to 7C degrees generally, however it will again plummet to minus 3C that night.

Local authorities in Dublin and around the country are also expected to decide whether to lift water restrictions.

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