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River hero teen Callum not done yet - he's joined rescue group to help save more lives


Callum with Meath River Rescue chairman Christopher

Callum with Meath River Rescue chairman Christopher Rennicks

Callum with Meath River Rescue chairman Christopher Rennicks

The brave teenager who risked his life to save two boys from strong river currents is joining a local rescue group to keep trying to help others.

Callum Keane was widely praised last week after he dramatically saved two nine-year-olds who got into trouble in the River Boyne at Navan on Wednesday.


The 16-year-old had been out walking along the river with his girlfriend Grace Clarke when he sprang into action after hearing a young boy screaming for help - and noticed another who was stuck in the tall reeds.

"I just didn't think, and jumped into the river and swam towards him," Callum said

"The current was so strong, I don't know how he wasn't washed away as I was struggling against it. I got to him and brought him towards the bank on my shoulders.

"It was all reeds, so he had to show me the clearing where he had got in. Another of his friends trying to get to him was stuck in the reeds and panicking, so I managed to help him to get out to safety too.

"To be honest, I just acted out of instinct and I knew I had to help. That's all that mattered."

Now Callum has decided to join the Meath River Rescue group in order to continue helping others who find themselves in difficulty in the Boyne.

"I just would love to be able to help more people, especially children who may not realise the dangerous waters they are getting into.


"At the minute, I'll help out with the fundraising side of the group and hopefully will undergo training to go on the river in the months to come," Callum said.

He has been thanked by the two boys who he helped.

"I got a call from one of the boy's mothers who was really thankful, and the other boy came over to me in the street to say thanks.

"I think my mam Claudine is still in shock thinking of what could have gone wrong but I'd like to think that if my two younger sisters Chloe and Amelia needed help, someone else wouldn't hesitate," said Callum, who is due to start 5th year in St Pat's Classical School in the coming weeks.

Chairman of the Meath River Rescue Christopher Rennicks said they were only too delighted to welcome Callum to the group.

"He's a super chap and he played his heroic deeds down no end. That part of the river, behind the former Blackcastle Mansion, has a seriously dangerous current which could have proved fatal.

"We are only too delighted to welcome him into the group and I've no doubt he will be a huge asset to what we do."