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Rise in dads staying home with children

THE strangled economy has forced a role reversal for many parents with dads increasingly taking over the role of primary and full-time carers of their children.

The change in parental roles means that 12pc of fathers have taken over the main carer role and a further 29pc share the role equally with working mums.

As part of this role reversal, the number of women as primary carer of their children has dropped to its lowest ever level at 59pc, according to a survey.

Dads say they are now doing more cooking, housework and shopping with almost one in three fathers claiming to be the main grocery shopper.

The housework claim, however, is an area of some dispute.

While one in four dads claim they share this chore equally with their partners, surprisingly only 11pc of women agree.

Nearly eight in 10 mums surveyed said they did most of the housework and the tidying up.


There is hardly any dispute between men and women when it comes to drawing up a shopping list. Almost seven in 10 of them are an agreement that the list is crucial to the exercise.

Once the list is drawn up, mums are the ones mostly likely to deviate from it with 23pc of them admitting to impulse purchases once they are in the shop. Only 14pc of dads say they stray from the list.

Dads too are more likely to shop from the comfort of the armchair by buying the groceries online.

This is helped by the fact that men are less interested in being able to see or touch the groceries or produce before they buy, the survey found.

When it comes to family meals, one in four dads say they do most of the cooking.

The survey was carried out last month by iReach Market Research who interviewed over 400 people with children still living at home and the questions were divided equally between mothers and fathers.