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RIRA gang are chief suspects in €40k raid on pub

GARDAI are investigating if there is a dissident Republican link to the armed robbery of €40,000 from a well known west Dublin pub.

A manager and assistant manager were tied up when up to three men armed with three guns burst into the Greyhound Inn on Blanchardstown's Main Street at 8am on Monday, May 21.

Details of the shocking crime have only emerged now and it is understood that officers are probing whether a notorious Real IRA mob were involved in the armed robbery.

"This was a terrifying experience for the two staff members who were tied up and threatened with firearms.

"It was also a very brazen crime - happening in broad daylight on a relatively busy main street. Certainly a high level of planning went into it," said a source.

Sources say that the Real IRA crew - who are led by two notorious brothers from Donaghmede - have been "moving strongly" into the Blanchardstown area in recent times.

A local man has been warned that there is an active death threat against his life as the dissident Republican mob increase their presence in the west Dublin area.

The situation comes against the backdrop of a major feud between former associates in the Real IRA organisation.

Last month, the dissident gang hacked off the fingers of car thief Jason O'Connor (34) after he was lured to Fairview Park in Dublin's north inner city.

He was brutally beaten and had three fingers cut off.

The savage attack was carried out with metal cutters while a close associate of O'Connor was forced to watch.

Just days before the Fairview Park attack, a pal of O' Connor, Ray Kennedy (32) was shot in the leg by the Real IRA mob, given a can of coke and told to drive off.

The injured man drove to Topaz service station at the Mahaide Road where emergency services were alerted and he later received medical treatment.

Both Kennedy and O'Connor are pals with David Dodrill (31), a former close associate of the notorious Real IRA gang, and it is understood that the attacks on them were carried out because of their links to Dodrill.

Dodrill, of Plunkett Avenue, Finglas, was kicked out of the Real IRA shortly after he was jailed for six years after he pleaded guilty to extorting €250,000 from a chip shop owner.



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