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Rights of way fight goes on

One of the owners of historic Lissadell House in Sligo said he would have had an entirely different approach to the restoration of the estate if he had been made aware there was any rights of way though the property.

Barrister Edward Walsh, who bought the estate with his wife Constance Cassidy in 2003, told the High Court it would be a security nightmare if there were rights of way, as claimed by Sligo County Council.

Mr Walsh was giving evidence in proceedings before Mr Justice Bryan McMahon which began after the council passed a resolution to amend the Sligo development plan to preserve rights of way. As a result, the owners closed Lissadell House to the public in January 2009.

The hearing continues.

Cage's home sells for $5m

A Las Vegas mansion that belonged to Nicolas Cage before it was foreclosed was bought for nearly $5m (f3.5m) on its first day on the market.

Records show Cage owes millions of dollars to the IRS in unpaid taxes. The Oscar-winning actor said he has had to sell numerous assets because of his finances.

Kenneth Lowman, owner of Luxury Homes of Las Vegas, said the bank-owned home sold for close to the asking price of $4.95m.