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Riddle over soldier's death

A 26-year-old soldier died after an incident at his base in Afghanistan -- but authorities say that his death was not related to combat.

New Zealander Cpl Douglas Hughes was injured at 3am while off duty at the Romero base in Bamyan province. He was flown to a military hospital where he died about three hours after the incident.

Hughes was with at least one other person when he was injured but authorities don't believe anybody else was involved with his death. He was completing his second tour of Afghanistan.

Beauty queen denies fraud

A former beauty queen was set to appear in court today accused of claiming more than £22,000 (¤26,000) in benefits as a single parent.

Rachel Hatton (28) faces two charges of false representation and one of fraud while living with her then-partner Nathaniel Simon in Northampton in south Midlands, England.

Hatton, who denies the charges, hit the headlines in 2010 after becoming the first single parent/divorcee to be allowed to enter the Miss Great Britain competition.

No power for all of Cyprus

The whole of Cyprus woke up without electricity after a problem at one of the island's power plants resulted in the entire grid shutting down.

Cyprus Electricity Authority spokesman Costas Gavrielides said it was unclear what exactly caused the pre-dawn problem that led to the shut down of the oil-fired Dhekelia power station's generators.

Mr Gavrielides said the problem resulted in a "chain reaction" failure of almost all the generators at the authority's other power station, leaving the entire island without power.

College boss dead in hotel

The director of one of France's most prestigious colleges has been found dead in a New York City hotel room.

Employees at The Michelangelo hotel in Manhattan found the nude body of Richard Descoings yesterday afternoon.

Descoings served as the director of the Paris Institute of Political Studies. He was in his 50s. There was no evidence of a crime.