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Rewards schemes to the fore as most adults now carry four loyalty cards

Given the plunge in consumer confidence in some of Ireland's most revered charities in recent times, consumer loyalty cannot be taken for granted.

As the economy recovers and spending improves, the tide is rising for brands delivering deeper levels of customer loyalty.

For brands like Tesco, it means refreshing their programme offers.

Chilli Pepper Marketing's Leanne Papaioannou (pictured below) says brand owners need to know their customers better, how to get closer to them and what they should do to keep their share of what's in their wallets.

Papaioannou says Ireland is now a nation of "enthusiastic belongers". Most Irish adults carry four loyalty cards in their wallet.

Identifying which loyalty offers impact most on the bottom-line has been a marketing mystery up to now.

The Loyalty Performance Index (LPI) is the first independent annual loyalty study, conducted by Amarach Research. It focuses on Ireland's top 10 retail loyalty programmes across food, fuel, beauty, fashion and household.


The LPI model develops a consumer picture using loyalty metrics such as customer registration numbers, swipe card penetration, customer participation and rewards redemption.

Tesco Club Card was the top retail programme with 73pc of its loyalty card holders spending up to 80pc more than non-members. Topaz Play or Park members had a 64pc rewards redemption score, while Boots Advantage Card members had a 61pc rewards take and Brown Thomas Black had a 42pc return from loyalty card members.