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Revise prison rules, says judge

Prison rules should be revised to provide clarity regarding prisoners' applications for additional remission of sentences, a judge said in the High Court today.

Mr Justice Michael Peart recommended changes when he delivered a reserved judgment on an application by prisoner Eric Keogh, who sought release on grounds he was being detained unlawfully at Mountjoy Prison.

Keogh's legal team contended he would be entitled, in return for good conduct, to a remission of a quarter of his sentence which would see him released in October this year.

There was nothing in the rules to tell the prisoner he must first make the application or when he must make it.

Politician held after protest

A right-wing Chilean politician was detained late on Thursday in Venezuela's capital by the country's intelligence service after he visited anti-government protesters who had been arrested earlier thisyear, Venezuelan opposition leaders said.

Felipe Cuevas, who heads the youth wing of Chile's conservative Independent Democratic Union (UDI) party, was arrested along with several activists.

Boy (8) shot by his cousin (7)

An eight-year-old boy is in a critical condition after being shot in the face by his seven-year-old cousin in Texas.

Police captain Joe Stanton said the boys were playing unsupervised at a Texas City apartment when the seven-year-old found a handgun and it discharged. The eight-year-old was shot in the left cheek.

Mr Stanton said the older boy has undergone surgery and is in the intensive care unit at a Houston hospital.

Gas craze no laughing topic

More must be done to raise awareness of the harmful effects of laughing gas, council leaders have said after it emerged that officials are seizing "hauls" of cannisters from the streets of England and Wales.

Hackney Council in east London said that it confiscated more than 1,200 cannisters of the chemical nitrous oxide on just one Saturday night.