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Revenge motive probe after slain Little's pal is blasted five times


Hamid Sanambar’s body is removed from the scene

Hamid Sanambar’s body is removed from the scene

Hamid Sanambar’s body is removed from the scene

A criminal became the third man to be shot dead in Dublin in less than a week after he was blasted five times in the head outside the home of a drug dealer who was murdered last week.

The victim of the capital's latest gun murder is Hamid Sanambar (41) - an Iranian asylum seeker closely connected to Sean Little (22) who was shot dead in Balbriggan last Tuesday night.

Sanambar had emerged as a suspect in Little's gangland double-cross murder in recent days and detectives were last night probing if he was taken out in a revenge attack for the shooting of his friend.

The Herald understands he was considered to have set up his pal and gardai believe a "very close associate" of Little organised the murder.

"Gardai are confident that Sanambar was the last person to see Little alive last Tuesday," a senior source said last night.

"He had been spending days mourning with Little's family at their home in Kilmore but as the days went on, Little's associates began to suspect him for actually setting him up and killing him, so obviously someone decided to take him out in a revenge attack."


The burning getaway car

The burning getaway car

The burning getaway car


Gardai said three men wearing balaclavas carried out the murder.

"They left the scene in a silver Toyota Avensis (04-D-71806). This vehicle was found abandoned and on fire in the Castletymon Gardens area of Coolock at approximately 3.45pm," a garda spokesman said last night.

Gardai say there is now a "gangland crisis" and believe there will be more killings.

Sanambar had been living in Longford for a number of months where he was connected to a notorious criminal Traveller family who are involved in drug dealing and extortion.

The victim's last-known address was in Clonshaugh, north Dublin, where he was staying with a female companion.

He was officially warned by gardai of an active threat against his life last year and was served with a Garda Information Message - also known as a GIM form.

Sanambar was blasted to death as was standing in the driveway of slain Little's house in Kilbarron Avenue, Kilmore, Coolock, at about 3.30pm yesterday.

A senior source said last night that gardai had been attempting to serve a fresh GIM form on the Iranian national this week but were unable to find him.

It is understood he had been staying with criminal associates in the Priorswood area of north Dublin in recent weeks.

"This is an individual who has come to our country and got himself involved with gangs involved in multiple feuds, whether it was in Dublin or the midlands or even in Cork," the source added.


"He considered himself something of a hard man - he had a fearsome appearance with his tattoos - but he also traded off on the fact he was Iranian.

"He was exotic for want of a better word and some criminals here even thought he had fought for Isil, but this was not true.

"Apart from his associations with the Longford Traveller gang, he became a main player in the so-called 'Mr Flashy' gang who are involved in serious feuds in Finglas and Blanchardstown.

"Sean Little would have considered him a trusted friend and if in fact he did set him up last week, this would have been considered the ultimate betrayal by Little's associates who were getting increasingly annoyed with his presence around the family home.

"Either way, he was shot numerous times with a handgun outside that fella's home yesterday."

Our photo shows Sanambar at the scene of Little's murder in Walshestown, near Balbriggan, last Wednesday morning after officers launched the first of two gangland murder inquiries in 24 hours.

He arrived with a number of associates and there were tense scenes as the mostly hooded men spoke briefly to gardai before leaving the scene.

Later that day their friend Jordan Davis (22) was murdered as he walked his four-month-old baby near his Darndale home - a killing which gardai insist was not connected to the Little slaying.

There have been no arrests yet in any of the three cases which have caused unprecedented fear in north Dublin.


In June 2015, Sanambar was given a three-year suspended jail sentence for his role in the robbery of a brothel in Cork in September 2012. He pleaded guilty to robbing one woman of a laptop, phone and €1,060 and £250 (€283) in cash at the premises on Cove Street, Cork, on September 2, 2012.

He also admitted robbing a laptop, phone and €3,000 from another woman, and robbing €100 from a man and entering the premises as a trespasser to commit theft.