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Revellers killed in arena crush

A stampede in an arena where thousands of people were attending a Halloween dance party killed three women and critically injured two others.

It happened early in the morning in a passageway within the venue leading to the central concert area at Madrid Arena, where the disco-style party with American DJ Steve Aoki was under way.

Someone set off a flare or a firework, causing the stampede that trampled the five young women, an official said.

Bearded cops

fight for jobs

Dozens of Egyptian policemen suspended from work in February for growing Islamic beards have protested outside the interior ministry in a bid to get their jobs back.

The policemen had sought to challenge an unwritten rule that stopped members of the security forces from growing beards during the rule of President Hosni Mubarak, who used the police to crush Islamist groups he saw as enemies of the state.

Mubarak was swept from power in February 2011.