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Reveller chucked bottles at fire crew

A JOBLESS man who hurled bottles and stones at firefighters when they arrived to put out a street blaze had succumbed to "peer pressure", a court heard.

Karl Dowling (22) had been standing beside the fire drinking when members of the Dublin Fire Brigade arrived to put it out.

He was convicted and fined €100 at Dublin District Court when he pleaded guilty to public order offences.

The court heard gardai were called to assist fire fighters at Matt Talbot flats on October 7 last year.

Dowling, of Summerhill, Dublin 1, was one of three men who had been drinking around a small fire.

"They began throwing bottles and stones over the gate in the direction of the fire brigade," the prosecuting garda said.

"The missiles hit off the truck and narrowly missed the members themselves."

All three ran away and were pursued. Dowling was caught by gardai and arrested. When he was charged and cautioned, he made no reply.

He smelled strongly of alcohol at the time and drink may have been a contributing factor in the incident, the garda said. Dowling had four previous convictions.

"There may have been some peer pressure there," his lawyer said.