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Revealed: why Hobbs quit his RTE show

MONEY guru Eddie Hobbs has quit as presenter of RTE's The Consumer Show because he feels stifled.

The outspoken financial advisor is concerned over the national broadcaster's new guidelines for presenters.

And he took to Twitter to reveal that he will no longer front the show.

Hobbs believes RTE's new rules would prevent him from speaking his mind.

But the station said there were still hopes that Mr Hobbs would continue to be involved as an expert contributor.

Mr Hobbs announced his decision to quit with a blunt Twitter statement: "Resigned from RTE Consumer Show."

He had already made public his own doubts about returning to the show next year and recently said that RTE's updated journalistic guidelines might stifle his ability to speak his mind.

He said last month: "Apparently things are changing and the journalistic guidelines in RTE are being rigidly adhered to.

"So when you're a presenter now on RTE, you can't have an opinion and we're trying to work our way through that at the moment.

"The audience expects me to give opinions and, if that opinion is compromised, then I'm being dishonest," he added.


The broadcaster said Mr Hobbs would have had to make compromises to be part of the show and was therefore stepping down.

An RTE spokesperson said in response that The Consumer Show will return to television screens at the beginning of next year.

RTE's guidelines were updated following the fallout from the Prime Time Investigates programme A Mission To Prey, in which Fr Kevin Reynolds was libelled.