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Return to Xpose? I'm off to Paris first, says Aisling

TV3 star Aisling O'Loughlin (33) will be heading off on a romantic break to Paris with other half Nick MacInnes before returning to Xpose in July.

And despite looking super-slim on the red carpet of the opening night of Girls Night Out: The Musical, she insists she's still not back to her pre-baby size.

"I don't have my figure back -- I can't actually fit into any of my clothes," she told the Herald.

"I wear the same black trousers every day and they're getting really bad. When I finally can fit into my wardrobe again, I will burn these black trousers.

"I am trying though. I'm out in the countryside so I have more of an opportunity to get out and go walking, so I'm trying, but I'm not trying hard enough. I've no time for anything anymore, I'm so consumed by looking after the baby."

She said it was "daunting" heading to the VIP Awards last month -- because she was surrounded by throngs of 'skinny-minnies'.

"My body has obviously changed and you're not as confident because you've little time to focus on yourself any more when you're a mum. It was probably the worst night to go out in hindsight, surrounded by models and being rated on what I was wearing," she said.

She also admits it will be tough leaving baby Patrick Nicholas behind when she is reunited with her Xpose pals in the summer.

"There's been a problem with our satellite dish, so I haven't been able to watch the (Xpose) girls at all, we're stuck on Iranian TV right now.


"I'm going to have to think about who I'm going to get to mind him because I'm back in July and the time is coming close.

"It's hard, but I'm loving motherhood. It's challenging, it's not like everything is so easy, but he's such a laugh. I just love him to pieces and he's a joy to be around."

The TV3 host turned out this week to support her pal Lorraine Keane at the musical at the Gaiety -- and applauded the former Xpose anchor for making the move into acting.

"It was so brave of her to do it and take that leap. She knows TV so well and then to take on singing and acting, I find her really inspiring," she said.

"The girls were all brilliant and they got a standing ovation, so you know people enjoyed it and were really impressed. It brought a tear to my eye, she's faced a lot of stick for changing directions, but it takes balls to do that."