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Return of Zoo TV but this time without U2 as stars are Dublin's popular animals

DUBLIN Zoo is being put under the spotlight in a new fly-on-the-wall TV series.

The TV3 show, which will begin broadcasting next week, will give viewers an insight into what exactly goes on at the zoo.

TV cameras capture some of the daily tasks zookeepers perform at the facility in the Phoenix Park, such as Jenny the giraffe undergoing treatment for a painful growth abnormality in her hooves.

Other footage due to be featured on the show includes a gorilla having a troublesome tooth extracted.

A spokeswoman for TV3 said the station is looking forward to the series being screened -- and is confident it will be a big hit with viewers.

"We are all really excited, it's going to be amazing," the spokeswoman said.

"There are going to be happy and sad moments in the show. We can all relate to it, because we all have grown up with Dublin Zoo.

"Ireland will get to see a side of Dublin Zoo that they have never seen before, because we are going to get right in behind the scenes of everyday life at the zoo," she added.

The series will feature the full range of animals the zoo looks after -- including the cute tiger cubs which are shown here -- and the voracious, fully grown tigers, baby giraffes with mother giraffes, orangutans and many more.

Veronica Chrisp, head of Marketing at Dublin Zoo, told the Herald that the show is a project they have been hoping to engage with for some time.

"It is something we have wanted to get into for years. We have become very close with the production crew over the last year.

"It is a great way of communicating. It is not just about baby animals here in Dublin Zoo -- a lot else goes on and it is a good opportunity to get this across to people."

TV3 will be officially launching the new series at Dublin Zoo, which is almost 180 years old, this Thursday.

The first episode will be screened on Wednesday, February 17, at 7.30pm.

The series is being described as a celebration of all the hard work that goes on in Dublin Zoo, and it is tipped that the antics of the zookeepers themselves will make the show extremely popular.

The Zoo will be narrated by Newstalk broadcaster and Herald HQ columnist Tom Dunne.