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Retailers not happy with 'grubby' stone on Grafton Street


A busker plays on the revamped Grafton Street

A busker plays on the revamped Grafton Street

A busker plays on the revamped Grafton Street

SOME business owners and members of the public are unhappy with the new pavement on Grafton Street that was installed as part of a €4m upgrade of the shopping district.

City councillor Damian O'Farrell will be raising their concerns at next week's monthly council meeting.

The upgrade was completed just in time for this year's St Patrick's Day celebrations and included new street furniture and street lighting.

Granite was used to replace the previous red brick pavement.

It is the same stone that also paves Henry Street on Dublin's northside.

Cllr O'Farrell said that he has received some negative feedback from people who feel that the new paving often looks dirty.

He said that the stone used in the upgrade has been described as a "very grey and dirty" looking by people who had raised the issue with him.

People have also raised a concern that the intersections with adjoining streets are unclear.

However Richard Guiney, CEO of Dublin Town - an organisation representing businesses in the city centre, said that the issue of the street appearing unclean only arises during dry spells.

"By and large people are happy. There is an issue when there is dry weather with staining on the street," he told the Herald.

"It'll take time for it [the stone] to wear a bit and then you'll get the colours coming through."

The council plan to introduce an extra street washing service for the summer period which will deal with the issue easily, he said.

"I know that they have been looking at it and they will be putting a crew in for the summer when it might be more of an issue."

Mr Guiney said that he has not received much negative feedback on the street's new look.

Similar repaving work is planned for the pedestrian section of Wicklow Street and Johnson Court.

It is anticipated that this phase of an overhaul of the area will cost around €500,000.

The plans are part of a Grafton Street Quarter Improvement Project to revamp the southside district.

The street has experienced a growth in footfall in recent months.

Just 2pc of the street's retail space is currently unused compared to the rest of the city where that figure stands at 3pc.

Grafton Street continues to attract shoppers and retail giant Hugo Boss will soon open a store there.