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IRISH marketers should use senses like smell and touch to help 'sniff out' new recruits. So said an international trends expert while speaking about reaching elusive customers at an Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) breakfast. Mintel Inspire's Richard Cope (pictured) said smell is more emotive than a visual memory.

In Korea, Dunkin Donuts uses a coffee scent and plays a jingle on city buses every time they pass a Dunkin Donuts cafe. An Australian charity, which provides support for blind people, launched a scent for its staff. By wearing the scent, blind people can keep track of volunteers in crowded places.

Moviegoers may soon be targeted by food marketers as studies are underway to marry snacks eaten in cinemas to the film they watch. Since the recession has taken hold, the 'me' culture is decreasing. People are less selfish and are donating more to charity. They are more interested in helping the elderly and volunteering.

By 2015, the divide between online and offline will be much less. Mobile phones will be seen as a utility and as the best way to connect to the internet. Life on the go will increase impulse buying. Gatwick Airport is testing a virtual Tesco shop where travellers can scan a QR code for groceries and they are there for them when they get home.

Exchanging money using text codes will be common. M-banking is already popular in developing countries like Kenya. Consumers today are interested in treatments to stay healthy, rather than getting help when illness strikes. In parts of Asia, workers exercise in the office.