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Residents told to flee volcano

Officials urged more than 1,000 residents to seek safer ground today and expanded a no-access zone around a volcano that has exploded back to life in southern Japan.

The 4,662-foot Shinmoedake volcano erupted last week for the first time in 52 years.

Today, five days after it burst back to life, the volcano was still spewing a spectacular plume into the air, sending a blanket of ash out over a wide area and prompting several hundred residents to seek shelter in evacuation centres.

No injuries have been reported.

Speech hit by TV use -- survey

One in six parents believes too much time in front of the TV and computer screen hinders a child's speech, research by UK organisation the Communication Trust suggests.

The survey also revealed that many people know little about the talking milestones a child should reach.

Just one in four parents knew that on average, babies say their first word at between 12 and 18 months, while almost a third expected it to be at six to eight months.

Pregnancy risk less with device

A wearable 'artificial pancreas' could dramatically reduce the risks of pregnancy in women with insulin-dependent diabetes, research has shown.

Having a baby is not a decision taken lightly for many women with type 1 diabetes.

Babies of women with the condition have a five-fold increased risk of being stillborn and are three times more likely than average to die in their first months of life.

The artificial pancreas, a mobile phone-sized device worn on the hip, consists of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and an insulin pump.

Jackson stable after surgery

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is in a stable condition in a New Zealand hospital after surgery for a perforated ulcer.

Publicist Melissa Booth said today that Jackson was "doing well" but would be in the hospital for a few more days.

She said doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

The director was admitted to Wellington Hospital last Wednesday after complaining of acute stomach pains.