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Residents raging as cars clamped outside their homes in row over mangement fees

ANGRY residents in a suburb of north county Dublin have claimed their vehicles are being unfairly clamped outside their homes in a dispute over area management fees.

A number of vehicles in the large Ongar Park area have been clamped in the bitter argument, with some residents claiming that they were unaware of the requirement to pay.


But Ongar Wood Management, the area's management company run by resident volunteers, said that the fees for the area have to be collected.

So the company decided to introduce parking permits which could only be obtained by residents who had paid their fees.

"We got advice on the best way to recuperate fees and we decided on parking permits," said Paul McPartlin, a volunteer director of the management company.

The scheme, requiring residents to pay €20 for a permit, was introduced in July with residents given a one-month grace period.

Locals were told that they could not obtain permits until they had paid their outstanding management fees.

Some locals claimed that they were not aware that the system was being introduced or even that they had to pay fees.

"They have gone so far as to clamp cars literally outside the front door of people's houses," Derek Hourigan told the Herald.

"Most houses have two parking spots outside, with no front garden. Naturally enough people thought that these were their spots."

Gary Dawnay, said that some of his neighbours had found that they had to pay clamp release fines of €120 a day for cars parked outside their homes.

"Management said they notified people by email," he said, "but not everybody uses email."