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Residents lose parking spaces to Dublinbikes

RESIDENTS living near new stops planned by Dublinbikes say the scheme's expansion will lead to the loss of their parking spaces.

Dublin City Council is set to install additional depots at Mount Brown and Rothe Abbey, which will result in local residents losing their on-street parking.

Councillor Clare Byrne said the scheme's operators have been involved in public consultations regarding the locations of all of the new stations in Dublin 8.

However, she was surprised to hear that work had begun yesterday without warning on one particularly contentious depot site at Rothe Abbey.


The site is of particular concern because, as with parking issues raised around Mount Brown, some residents in a nearby 150-unit complex with only 50 parking spaces have been granted permits to park on neighbourhood streets, but the number of spaces will be reduced by the move.

"I'm in favour of the scheme," Ms Byrne told the Herald, "but Dublinbikes have said all along that if residents were going to be severely inconvenienced by the bike stands, they would look at their location again.

"I was assured that work would not start until Monday, March 3, and then I got a call yesterday to say they were digging up the road already."

Work has already begun on a number of new Dublinbikes depots around the capital.

It is hoped the extra stations will greatly enhance the Dublinbikes network, almost doubling the area that is currently covered by the depots.

Since its launch in 2009, the Dublinbikes scheme has proved to be one of the most successful bicycle-sharing schemes in the world.

More than six million journeys have been made on Dublinbikes to date.

There are more than 36,000 active long-term users and 10,266 short-term subscribers in the scheme.


A spokesman for Dublin City Council said the planned expansion is set to bring the number of bikes available from 550 up to 1,500. Bike depots across the city will increase from 44 to 102 by July.

"Dublinbikes is part of providing a wider range of transport alternatives for locals and visitors in Dublin," said the spokesman.

"This includes the provision of Quality Bus corridors, the expanded Luas network, cycling infrastructure and pedestrianisation.

"The expansion of Dublinbikes responds to a huge demand for the service in the capital."