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Residents in plea for help
as city homes flood again

Residents on a Dublin street that suffers from repeated flooding have called on the council to 
fix the problem after another 
recent deluge ruined their homes.

The problem is affecting Bayview Avenue in North Strand, which was built in the 19th century, and is caused by water seeping into the houses from the sewer and drains rather than spilling in from the outside.

On the recent bank holiday weekend, heavy rains combined with high tides resulted in more flooding and now locals say it is the last straw.

"We've been flooded so many times now we can't get insurance for it. We're just expected to deal with it," said Eileen McDonagh (83), who has 
been living on the road since 1952.

Some residents say the drains and the main sewer that runs down the middle of the road needs to be upgraded, while others say they think the water table in the region is slowly rising.

Either way they would like to see the cause fully established and works carried out to cure the problem.

Dublin City Council (DCC) told the Herald its advice to residents was to fit non-return valves and/or pumped drainage systems on their private drains, but said the maintenance of these were the responsibility of house owners.

It also said the public sewer will soon be owned by Irish Water and any upgrading will be its responsibility.

Some residents say they have had expensive non-return valves fitted to the sewage and drain systems in their homes, but these have had limited success.


"It still comes up through the floors anyway," said one man.

Lord Mayor Christy Burke organised a council collection of the resident's flood-damaged possessions yesterday, which saw furniture, fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers all being left on the street as residents went about replacing them.

Local man Matt Spalding said he has been flooded five times in the last nine years.

DCC explained that many of the houses on Bayview Avenue are split-level properties, with inhabited basements below street level.

"These houses were originally drained through a low-level private drain connection to the public sewer," said a spokesperson.

"As with any basement below street-level, there is an increased risk of flooding."

The issue arose in the aftermath of another weekend of heavy rain which saw 
Howth village flooded, affecting a number of businesses in the region.

Met Eireann predict heavy rains for the week ahead.