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Rescuers lose fight to save cellar girl

Trapped under the remains of her home, the nine-year-old girl cried for help as neighbours dug with their bare hands.

The earthquake had trapped her inside the basement of collapsed building, one of hundreds of toppled structures teetering on the side of a ravine.

But hours after her screams renewed rescuers' hopes, the child's lifeless body was finally pulled from the mass of concrete and twisted metal.


A day earlier, the little girl's mother, Lauranie Jean, was pulled from the rubble of the same house. She lay inside a tent as volunteers rubbed ointment into open wounds.

Haitians living in growing tent cities say they do not expect help anytime soon. The city has started preparing a mass grave with bodies waiting for burial are piled in heaps of as many as six people.

All around, pickup trucks, carts and people carrying bodies added to the piles.