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Rescued pups hoping to find new homes

THESE adorable puppies are looking for new homes.

The litter of 10 have been compared to Liquorice Allsorts as they are a cross of a Basset Hound and a Collie.

The pups are about 12 weeks old and the litter, "was definitely unplanned", said Carole Mansfield from Lily's Dog Rescue in Cavan.

"These gorgeous pups are now looking for homes and, like many other unplanned pups, they will struggle to find them in Ireland because we already have a massively over-populated dog world.

"It is at times like this we ask dog owners to get their pets neutered. It is better for everyone, particularly the pups," she added.

Meanwhile, anyone able to offer a good home to either Callie, Chelsea, Charlie, Carrot, Comet, Chance, Churchill, Cosmo, Corky, and last but not least Crockett, should contact Lily's Dog Rescue via Facebook or www.lilysrescue.com.