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Replay it! Louth fans' M1 banner plea in goal row

The message from Louth fans regarding the controversial result in Sunday's Leinster clash with Meath is clear, and written on banners 40ft long across the M1.

Two huge signs asking for the game to be replayed have appeared over the motorway, on a bridge that sits in Co Meath.

The brainchild of two pals who feel their team was robbed on Sunday when the referee allowed a Meath goal in the dying seconds, the banners saying 'Replay It' first appeared on the northbound carriageway on Monday night.

But the second identical sign was then placed on the bridge for southbound traffic to see at lunchtime yesterday.

"We just wanted to put the message out there and to put a bit of pressure on the Meath team to offer to replay the game after the GAA said they would not over-rule the referee's decision," said one of the friends, named John.

He and his pal, who is involved in the National Tile and Marble company whose name also appears on the banners, do not want to be identified.

"It is a way for us to show support to the Louth team, who should have won the Leinster title on Sunday. We feel we were robbed of that victory," John added.

He also challenged Meath County Council to "play fair and not take down the signs" from the motorway bridge until the matter is resolved.

While John and his fellow fans are very angry at the result of the Croke Park clash that they say saw their team robbed of their first Leinster title in more than 50 years, they also condemn the actions of the fans who assaulted referee Martin Sludden.

"Those fans were wrong to do what they did. They were a tiny minority of the Louth fans who travelled to Croke Park that day," said John.


Meanwhile, gardai have confirmed to the Herald that several people had their names and details verified after the pitch invasion and outbursts when the referee blew the final whistle at Croke Park on Sunday.

While the matter is not under any specific investigation by gardai at this stage, it is likely that the incidents will be examined by members of the force and could be acted upon at a future stage.