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Repair bill for football clubhouse destroyed by fire could top €100k

A FOOTBALL clubhouse destroyed by a fire could cost more than €100,000 to restore.

The blaze completely gutted the roof over the bar and function room of Marks Celtic in Springfield, Tallaght.

Chairman Pat Maher said he does not know what the final bill will be but doesn’t expect their insurance to cover the full cost.

“We had a quantity surveyor in the other day but he hasn’t got back yet,” Mr Maher told

It will be “a lot more than €50,000”, considering it’ll cost €30,000 for the roof alone, he added.

Work has been continuing all week to remove the debris and clear the way for the redevelopment to take place.

“The whole roof will have to be redone, all the plumbing will be redone and the bar will have to be redone. We’ll have to build from the shell up,” Mr Maher said.

Among the players to have come through the ranks at Marks is Michael Doyle of Sheffield United, who featured in this season’s FA Cup semi-final against Hull.

But the club won’t ask ex-players for donations as they prefer to fundraise through their own efforts.

“If we can avoid it, we’ll avoid it. He (Michael) has been very good to us down the years. When we do fundraising, we do it through ourselves,” Mr Maher said.

“We have been through some hard times. The local people have been very, very good to us. We’re a very determined bunch of lads,” he added.

Larry Brophy, club treasurer, said: “The main building is destroyed. It’s roofless at the moment. People from the community have been voluntarily getting the remains of the old roof out of the building to get the new roof on as quickly as possible.”


The bar was renovated in recent years and the treasurer said it was a “fabulous” facility.

“It’s a proper facility. We put a lot of money into it seven years ago,” Mr Brophy said.

Dublin Fire Brigade was dispatched at 3.20am last Sunday after a blaze took hold in the vicinity of the bar.

Five units in total attended the scene, including ones from Dolphin’s Barn and the brigade’s head station at Tara Street.

It is not thought the fire was started maliciously., the indications are an electrical problem may have been to blame.