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Relief finally in sight for pyrite homes

HOMEOWNERS plagued by pyrite problems will have access to a new online facility to speed up the remediation scheme.

Houses and apartments affected by pyrite – a type of iron sulphide used in construction – have have been identified in Meath, Kildare, Offaly, Fingal and Dublin.

The Pyrite Remediation Scheme was created for homeowners who have no other viable form of redress.

It mainly affects dwellings built since 1997 and predominantly 2002-2007.

The Pyrite Resolution Board has created a website containing details of the programme.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan said that it was a significant first step in putting in place an effective remediation programme.

Mr Hogan said that the site will provide homeowners with sufficient knowledge to enable them to consider if they will qualify and what they need to do to use the scheme.

The qualification criteria are largely based on the conclusions and recommendations of the Pyrite Panel report of June 2012.


The website includes details for homeowners to identify significant pyritic damage and on the steps involved in the assessment.

There is also a question and answer section.

Homeowners must vacate the premises during remediation, which includes removal of the concrete ground floor and of the subfloor hardcore.

Homeowners will arrange their own alternative accommodation and removal and storage of furniture and other items.

Vouched costs, subject to maximum limits, will be repaid to homeowners.

The chairman of the Pyrite Resolution Board, John O'Connor, said it was their priority to address the problems faced by homeowners with pyrite in their homes.

"I am very conscious that many homeowners have been very badly affected by the pyrite problem over a prolonged period and the aim of the board is to make good the damage as soon as possible so that these people can get on with their lives," he said.

"The launch of the website is a very important step in putting the remediation programme in place and I believe it will assure homeowners that a resolution is under way."

The scheme will be kept under review by the board.