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Relief at last as heavy rain gives way to milder spell

THE torrential rain and high tides of recent days will calm down to give way to a relatively dry weekend, according to weather experts.

Very mild conditions are likely to persist for the next few days with rain or drizzle at times.

The last of three exceptionally high tides hit Dublin in the early hours of this morning without causing major damage.

Dublin City Council, which recorded the eighth highest tide ever at the Alexandra Basin at Dublin Port at lunchtime yesterday, kept all kinds of preventative measures in place overnight.

These included closing the Liffey Boardwalk defences and the car parks at Sandymount promenade and Clontarf.

Flood defences on the River Tolka were put in place, the flood gates on the River Dodder were closed and drainage crews remained on alert overnight.

Cork was worst hit yesterday with large parts of the city impassable and there was also flooding in Wexford, south Kerry, Offaly and Laois.

Motorists around the country were still being warned to take care on flooded roads but today, despite a wet start to the morning, conditions overall had greatly improved.

Tomorrow will be drier all over with just a few light showers, although temperatures will be slightly lower than usual for October.

By Saturday many places will be dry and bright, putting the winter squalls of this week firmly into the past.

Temperatures will rise to between 11 and 14C with light southerly winds.

Sunday too will be dry apart from some drizzle in western coast areas and, coming out of the weekend, Monday will start off mainly dry but rain will spread across the country during the day with strengthening winds.