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Rehab 'suffering' from backlash over execs' pay, says new CEO


New Rehab chief Mo Flynn with Enda Kenny in Castlebar

New Rehab chief Mo Flynn with Enda Kenny in Castlebar

New Rehab chief Mo Flynn with Enda Kenny in Castlebar

Rehab is continuing to suffer from a "significant" downturn in public donations, as a result of controversy that surrounded the charity over pay.

New chief executive of the charity Mo Flynn said Rehab had been through a difficult time and was continuing to feel the fallout from the scandal.

She said public donations remained significantly below where they had been but said things were slowly turning around for the charity.

"Yes of course it dropped but I think slowly it is improving for us. But I think it's something we will have to put more time into looking at our fundraising in the future. It's not at anywhere near the level that it used to be," she told the Herald.


However, she said she hoped that by focusing on service users, the charity would slowly win back public support.

"What we are much more focused on is our service users and their families and I think if we sort of focus on doing what we do really well, which is delivering great services, great care services, great educational and training, great employment, over time you will build people's experience and their confidence and their trust in you again," she added.

Speaking at the National Learning Network in Castlebar, where over 60 students were presented with their FETAC (now QQI) certificates by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Ms Flynn said the charity had undergone a complete overhaul with new governance structures and a new board.

"We're very lucky we have a brand new board who have really worked to give us strong leadership and very robust governance but we are working towards a changed organisation that will really move forward into the future.


"We have really put a focus on getting all of that right. And I think by doing that we feel on a much firmer footing," she said.

Despite the drop in donations, the new CEO said the charity had focused on ensuring no frontline services suffered.

"We've refocused what we've been doing, to be honest. So there has been nothing impacted in frontline services, it's all been very much behind the scenes stuff."

Ms Flynn praised the charity's staff saying she has spent much of the past six months engaging with staff about what the charity stands for and where it is heading.

"I think what is amazing and got lost sight of a little is that Rehab is full of amazing people, who are highly committed to their jobs and I think it's been about tapping into that," she said.