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Rehab orders salary report into top brass

THE Rehab Group has commissioned a series of reports into the salaries of senior officials, including under-fire CEO Angela Kerins, following a lengthy board meeting last night.

The reports will examine how salaries of senior staff can be brought into line with comparable organisations and charities.

Issues surrounding data protection obligations to staff are also to form part of the reports, it is understood.


Following a scheduled board meeting at Rehab's headquarters in Sandymount last night, the group issued a statement confirming it would meet "to consider the disclosure of the remuneration of the Rehab Group's chief executive and group management team".

The statement said this meeting will be held in three weeks' time to ensure that all directors and advisors can be present and so that advice can be taken in advance.

The group also said it was "very concerned" by Justice Minister Alan Shatter's comments in relation to the body's lottery and scratch card sales which he revealed yielded a profit of only around 8pc in 2010, as well as the subsequent coverage.

"During the meeting, the board discussed the current legal cases regarding the charity lotteries compensation fund and the recent comments made by the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter in this regard.

"The board voiced its concern about misleading and inaccurate statements contained in certain media reports of recent days and has asked the executive to examine this matter further with a view to taking appropriate action where necessary."

The group will make a full statement following its February 17 meeting.


Last night's meeting, which began around 5pm and continued until around 8pm, was the first time the board had met since Minister Shatter made public figures relating to the group's lottery and scratchcard schemes.

While the 8pc related to both scratchcards and lottery sales, it also emerged sales of €4m worth of scratch cards in 2010 yielded less than €10,000 profit.

Ms Kerins, who has repeatedly refused to reveal her salary but has called on charity bosses to indicate how much they make, has rejected claims by Minister Shatter that the board of Rehab misused funds given to it by the government.