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Refund wrangle for Leapcard users hit by Luas disruption

MONEY owed to commuters arising out of Luas disruption cannot be refunded directly onto Leapcards.

Some commuters last week unwittingly tagged their Leapcards before realising that the tram service was disrupted, and they would be unable to board a tram.

A spokesperson for the Luas operators Veolia Transport said customers who tagged on with their Leapcards and were unaware there was service disruption were entitled to a refund and records would be able to confirm this.

However, she confirmed that Luas cannot refund directly back onto the Leapcard. Those contacting Luas customer care would be informed that a refund can be made onto a Laser or credit card, or by cheque.

People can choose the option they want for the refund, she said. The ultimate aim would be to refund the money, she said.

A spokesman for the voluntary body Rail Users Ireland told the Herald: "Once you tag on Luas there is no way to cancel."


He said that refunds should be made electronically to the card - unless the customer wants a cheque.

He added that there was no reason why a refund could not be made electronically to the card.

It is not known how many commuters were affected by this issue.

Service on the Luas red line was disrupted following a fire a week ago in buildings close to the tracks in the city centre. A full red line service resumed on Saturday after several days of delays. The service has been operating from Tallaght- Saggart to Heuston only. There was no tram service from Heuston to the city centre.

A total of 55,000 people use the red line every day. About 60pc of people who use the red line were affected by the ongoing Luas disruption.

The buildings hit by the fire were on Benburb Street, and for work to continue safely on the properties the overhead power lines were turned off and a safety cordon was in place.

Dublin City Council said that following an assessment, two of the three fire-damaged buildings needed their second and third floors removed.

It also outlined how the third building had to be stabilised and made secure.

Luas tickets were valid on Dublin Bus for the duration of the disruption.