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Red Rock inspired by gangland crime


Andy Kellegher plays Beady Burke, the local gangster

Andy Kellegher plays Beady Burke, the local gangster

Andy Kellegher plays Beady Burke, the local gangster

Red Rock producer Gareth Philips has said the TV3 drama has been massively influenced by the real-life issue of gangland crime.

Philips has said it's a topic they will continue to explore in the hit show as gangland murders continue to dominate the headlines.

He added that it was a case of "art imitating life".

"It's something we've already touched on in the first year of the show," he told the Herald.


"Our viewers have already been introduced to Beady Burke, the local gangster, and it's something we have continued to touch on.

"It's such a hot topic that I think it's inevitable, and it's interesting in that we had a series like Love/Hate telling the story from the gang's point of view where the gardai were the enemy of the gang.

"But we can tell those stories from the inside of An Garda Siochana, and it's an interesting way to tell them."

He also said viewers seemed to relish seeing the strong female characters taking charge on the show.

"Women rule Red Rock. The women are in charge, there's no doubt about it," he said.

"Nikki is top dog in the station, supported by Angela. Bridget is very much in charge of the Kielys and Patricia Hennessy runs her own empire.

"Soaps do traditionally write very well for women, and I think Red Rock is following in those traditions.

"But the big difference for our show is they're not just running a cafe, they're in charge of a garda station. It's a much bigger thing and the stakes are much higher."

The broadcast rights to the award-winning drama were recently licensed to BBC Worldwide.