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'Red Rock birth scenes gave me respect for mums', says India


Adam Weafer and India Mullen

Adam Weafer and India Mullen

Chris Newman (Photo: M Maguire)

Chris Newman (Photo: M Maguire)


Adam Weafer and India Mullen

Red Rock star India Mullen has said she has more respect for mothers since filming birth scenes on the TV3 soap.

The Dubliner plays Katie Kiely who had a baby boy with ex-boyfriend David Hennessy, played by Adam Weafer, on Christmas Eve.

They split up when she found out his involvement in her brother Darren's murder.

"Filming birth scenes was weird. It was quite a surreal experience, actually," said India.

"I had a lot of time to prepare with our director Lisa Mulcahy and Pam, a real midwife who was in the scene too.

"We had rehearsals in the garda staffroom set and would practise birthing positions and sounds - it was gas.

"They also talked me through the details of what happens physically during the birth, which was really interesting."

"I now have even more respect for mothers after it all."

Baby Luke arrived in dramatic fashion when Katie suddenly went into labour outside the Red Rock garda station.

Detective Rory Walsh, played by Chris Newman, has his eye on Katie and rushed her to the hospital.

David missed the birth and was not impressed to see Rory by her side.

With Rory keen on Katie, India isn't sure if a reconciliation with David is on the cards in the coming months.

"I think Rory has definitely caught her eye, but then again Katie and David have a lot of history together so we'll see what happens," she said.

This week Katie was stressed as baby Luke was kept in for observation.

Her mother Bridget, played by former Love/Hate star Denise McCormack, reassures her everything will be all right and that his uncle Darren is looking over him.

There's set to be good news for the Kielys next week when they can finally bring Luke home, but it remains to be seen if the new grandson will repair the rift between the two families.

Katie has been a central character since Red Rock started last year, and India said she has been loving the hectic storylines.

"It's been a big year for Katie, her life has completely changed," she said. "She's had the court case and the anniversary of Darren's death and she became a parent.

"She's also had a tough break-up and the start of a romance, not to mention the usual chaos of the Kielys.

"But we have great fun when we're filming."

Red Rock is on TV3 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8.30pm.