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Red-faced RTE sorry for airbrushing out TV3 logo

NOW you see it, now you don't. TV viewers could be forgiven for believing there is only one broadcaster in town after RTE's airbrushing antics were revealed today.

The national broadcaster was forced into an embarrassing apology after it emerged a member of staff airbrushed the logo of a TV3 microphone during a news report on Sunday.

The Herald has learned that the trickery was administered by a member of the RTE graphic team who now faces potential disciplinary action.

TV3 bosses were left furious when their microphone appeared to have no station logo during a report on Jedward's Eurovision homecoming on the Nine O'Clock news.

As newsreader Aengus Mac Grianna read out his piece to camera, viewers could see the customary green RTE microphone beside a blue one.

Sources told the Herald that a member of the RTE 'graphic team' airbrushed the rival logo "without consulting" any member of the editorial staff.

RTE bosses are understood to be "furious" at the trickery and confirmed that the issue will be "followed up".

"The day before yesterday the TV3 logo was taken out of one shot by a non-editorial member of staff who was not instructed to do so.

"This was the shot on the screen image behind the newsreader. The logo was shown in the same shot in the report which followed immediately afterwards," the spokeswoman said.

"We are taking this seriously and we will be following up with the individual responsible. It is absolutely not editorial policy to airbrush out the logo of a rival station. We have a very good working relationship with TV3."

The spokeswoman added that the broadcaster has "apologised" following the incident.

The move has certainly irked TV3 bosses, with the station's Head of Communications Maureen Catterson highlighting the issue to the media.

Ms Catterson told the Herald today that TV3 "would never" airbrush out an RTE logo.

That's not the way that we would operate. It's not our practice to do so," she said.