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Recession gives workers stress

The recession is causing more stress among workers, with many now struggling to balance work and family life, according to a new study.

Research which was carried out among managers and self-employed professionals showed that one in five believed the economic downturn had made them feel more stressed at work.

Almost one in four complained they were working up to 11 hours more a week than they did before the recession hit. Younger workers were more likely to suffer from increased stress, the international study found.

Church attacks in Malaysia

Around 130 Muslim voluntary groups have offered to help protect churches under attack in Malaysia by becoming the "eyes and ears" of the police.

The offer came after nine churches were targeted over three days amid a dispute over the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims. Church leaders have blamed an extremist minority for the violent attacks.

Many Muslims are angry about a December 31 High Court decision in the country overturning a government ban on Roman Catholics using Allah to refer to their God in the Malay-language edition of their main newspaper, the Herald.